The Busy Witch’s Guide to Mercury Retrograde

By: Ayla Manning Dehghanpoor

Sometimes when Mercury is retrograde, we just grin and bear it. We’re all guilty – we don’t prep our rituals, we don’t cleanse our crystals and honestly, sometimes we just forget it’s coming. No shame. There are even some days when we fall victim to the downside of Mercury retrograde (yes, there is an upside) even with peak preparation.

Before you descend into a pit of Mercury retrograde-induced despair, there is indeed a quick fix to all of your communication and energetic woes: Merc Retro RX Mist. If you’ve experienced Smokeless Smudge, you’re probably already clicking add to cart – and we don’t blame you. Merc Retro RX Mist is brewed with intention and enchanted in a ceremony to honor Mercury and implore the universe to impart its blessings with each and every spritz.

There’s more to keeping Mercury retrograde at bay, though. If a full-on ritual isn’t your style, there are a few simple ways to make retrograde go down a little easier. Start by swapping out your stones for a couple that need less upkeep. Swapping out quartz for selenite will keep your other stones up to task between cleansings thanks to its naturally charged nature. While you’re at it, add in aquamarine to douse fiery tempers and help reason reign.

Another easy way to soften the beating that retrograde can bring is to make time for breaks. Seriously, block off 15 minutes in your calendar a couple of times each day during retrograde. The upside of Mercury retrograde is that it primes your energy for a reset – taking a few minutes for yourself to recharge makes a world of difference.

Finally, utilizing the tools available to you from trusted witches is the quickest way to protect your energy on the go. This is where Merc Retro RX Mist comes in – pair the candle and the spray for a powerful one-two punch or just keep the bottle within arm’s reach at all times to fend off Mercury retrograde breakdowns.

Practically speaking Merc Retro RX Mist is a busy witch’s best friend – when it comes to boosting communication during meetings, calming the energy in your home or hotel to help you relax, or just blocking Mercury’s mayhem brought on by everyone else around you, there’s no better tool. Enchantingly scented with sandalwood, myrrh, and frankincense, you can literally smell it working.

No matter how you duke it out with the powers that be, approaching Mercury retrograde with a spirit of respect and an open heart can help to dispel the negativity and invite in all of the blessings that are yours for the taking. But don’t forget to run spell check one last time before sending that email to your boss, and definitely double check your texts.

Here’s to the witches doing the most with the least, and to those of us who just need a little extra help every now and then.

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