Ashley Longshore Shares Her Secrets to Creating Daily Abundance


There has never been a boss bitch like Ashley Longshore. An artist and all-around badass, she’s leading a new revival of pop art. A list of her accomplishments would absolutely demolish this article’s word count, but a few of her 2019 highlights include selection as New York Fashion Week’s artist-in-residence, the release one of the most beautiful coffee table books of the year, and a collaboration with Maybelline.

She’s also inspiring legions of people around the world with the satisfyingly irreverent messages in her pieces and contagious energy. That energy isn’t accidental – Longshore uses ritual, intention, and Sage & Salt products to manifest abundance and positivity in her life. She gave us the 4-1-1 on how she cultivates her signature vibes, and we learned that her secret sauce is made by mixing ritual and enchanted objects with just not giving a fuck what you think of her.

Q: When did you realize that your own energy & the vibes that you put out into the world could cultivate abundance in your life?

A: I think when you figure out how to harness energy, you really get back what you give. And if I sit around and focus on what I don’t like, my worries, anxiety, people, I really manifest a magnet for negativity. If I think about opportunities, optimism, positivity - if I have that constant inward conversation of ‘I can do it, I know I can do it, I’m doing the best that I can,’ then I find it to be a magnet for happiness, really.

Q: How do you get yourself into an abundance mindset?

A: I just wake up and think about how I want to live each day, and how I want to fulfil my best potential and just try my hardest. Although my career has taken off and things have gotten really busy, I’m trying to figure out how to spin lots of plates at once, I’m still trying to find that sweet spot where there’s far more positivity than there is angst and anxiety.

Q: Does your team do any kind of abundance ritual?

A: Yes! We light candles, we’ve got stones from Sage & Salt, we’ve got pyrite - we love anything that helps up manifest good energy and good thought.

Q: How has your approach to manifesting abundance changed over the years?

A: You know, I think it’s not so much about just manifesting abundance, but what type of abundance. When I couldn’t afford to pay my rent, it was needing an abundance of Benjamin Franklins. You know, now that things are movin’ and groovin’, it’s more about needing an abundance of peace, or tranquility and optimism. I think that’s the main thing that’s changed.

Q: How do you use Sage & Salt products in your rituals and money-making magic?

A: Well, I think having that inner mantra for anything you do, it always ends up providing something in your life. So, I love Corbin’s Smokeless Smudge. To me, I can spray that, and it changes my energy. In the same way that people might light a candle or meditate, the scent of is refreshing and clean and it just like, douches everything around me. We also love pyrite and we love the candles. We use Sage & Salt Mercury Retrograde candles just to have this flicker of peace, this moment of stillness and earthly beauty amongst all of this man-made wildness. We love the abundance oil. We actually will take a $100 bill and rub it down with that and stand around in a circle and create our mantra for the day to get all hyped up for sales. We just believe in ritual, and this is something that we love about Sage & Salt – being able to put into practice optimism, positivity, and manifesting what you want in your life.

Q: Do you find that keeping your energy in check manifests in keeping your creativity flowing?

A: Absolutely! Energy is so important. Look, if you go to plug a lamp into a wall and you want to work, you’ve got to have a fresh bulb and the wires have got to be wired right, or it doesn’t work – I feel like we’re the same as human beings. We have to have sleep, we have to be rested, and we can’t be distracted.

Q: Any tips for creating abundance energy in everyday practice?

A: I feel like that inner voice of optimism, positivity, and creating a ritual that gets your mindset in that space – whether it’s spraying the Smokeless Smudge or lighting a candle - these are practices that can just keep our minds on the right track. We’re just training our minds, really.

Q: What is it like to have Corbin as your personal witch?

A: Having Corbin in my life is such a blessing. He is such a positive person - his voice alone is so mellifluous, and he is a conduit for positive energy. I think he’s a very special person with a very special gift and I feel very lucky to have him in my life as someone who injects positive energy into my life and into my team’s life. You know, anybody needs that, whether it’s through a yogi, through a therapist, or through someone like Corbin who is so talented with the mystical. It’s a blessing to have him in my life.

Q: Why did you choose Corbin to curate crystals for your space, and how do the stones affect your energy?

A: Well I love that Corbin puts so much thought into what he’s doing, and I’m fascinated by the rituals that he has in his own practice like burying the crystals in the earth, putting them out under the full moonlight, and rinsing them with a particular kind of water. I find all of that so interesting, and I find the practice of it so beautiful. I find that I’ve got something in my home that not only he has put his energy on, but that took millions of years to grow inside of the earth. For me it’s a reminder that we’re only here for a very short amount of time and it is so important for our energy to be in a good place.

Q: Which crystals do you always carry with you?

A: I always have black tourmaline, I always have pyrite, I always have this beautiful chicken foot that Corbin gave me that has amethyst crystals all over it, and I always have my travel size Smokeless Smudge. About once a week I use Sage & Salt bath salts because they smell so heavenly - there’s clove and sage and Palo Santo, and there’s just something very heavenly about it. Even if for a single minute, your mind doesn’t think about anything but how beautiful the scent is. That’s very meditational in itself.

Q: How do you tell bad vibes to fuck off?

A: In my life I tell bad vibes to fuck off by working hard, trying to fulfil my potential, and by proving to myself that I can do it. Again, you push out the darkness with the light. If someone comes at me with bad energy, then I counteract it by working as hard as I can and trying to be the best version of myself. Through that mindset I feel like all I have to do is prove things to myself and to no one else. So as long as I sleep well at night then I feel great about that.