Kick Negativity’s Ass: 5 Ways to Witch Slap Bad Vibes

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

No matter how conscious you are about warding off toxic energy, it’s bound to find it’s way back into your life from time to time. Whether you’ve been plagued with negative people lately, stressed and overwhelmed, or just want to get your mojo back on track, it’s time to kick negativity to the curb.

5. Fill Your Space with Charged Crystals

Selenite is the perfect choice for cleansing bad vibes from a space. It’s naturally charged, and can be used to cleanse and recharge other crystals, which makes it perfect for absorbing any negative energy invading your life. Stressed out and having trouble sleeping? Slip some amethyst under your bed or pillow to clear your dreams and reconnect you to your inner peace. Dream on, queen.

4. Reset Your Intentions

Think of setting intentions like planting a seed. Releasing your intentions to the universe directs your spirituality and is the first step in manifesting success, abundance, love – whatever you’ve been searching for. If you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in a funk, you might just need to reset your intentions. Send some good vibes out into the universe with a manifestation candle and let her send some lovin’ right back to you.

3. Warding off Negativity with Spell Salts

Honey, if you’re not looking out for number one, it’s time to start. Put the kibosh on toxic energy with Witches Salt. Specially conjured black salt has been a staple in every well-balanced witch’s arsenal for centuries. Sprinkle a little in a counterclockwise pattern around the perimeter of your office after a tense meeting, or lay a line across the threshold of windows and doors to keep away that ex who doesn’t know when to quit. Think of it as a magical bouncer that’ll keep the frat bro wearing flip-flops out of your expertly curated social club.

2. Recharging Talisman Energy

Have you been feeling the wrath of jealous witches around every corner? Protect your energy with a charged talisman that’s sure to ward off those prying eyes. The most powerful of these good luck charms is undoubtedly the Evil Eye. Its origins go all the way back to ancient Greece, and steers you clear of the envious negativity that always seems to drag you down just as you’re hitting your stride. Plus, an Evil Eye is always trés chic. Protection with a little style? Yes, please.

1. Smudging

Oh, how we love a good smudge sesh! Seriously, smudging works wonders, and is the easiest and most effective way to banish bad vibes. While a solid sage and palo santo burning has a special place in our hearts, Smokeless Smudge is essential for the witch on the go. Spritz some in each of the four corners of your room along with a negativity ousting mantra for a cleanse that can’t be beat. Smudge your home, your hotel room, your office – smudge the bad vibes away, everyday.

Smokeless Smudge
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