Manifestation Vibes: How to use Manifestation Candles

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

The ritual of manifestation is actually a lot less intimidating than it sounds. Listen, you manifest all the time. Your hopes, dreams, and wishes are sent out into the universe whether you speak them aloud or not. You make magic happen everyday.

Getting your mind right for the ritual is a step that no witch – novice or expert – should skip. Purposeful intention is the name of the game, my friends. Clear your mind and take control of the power that you have to control your destiny. Claim your crown! It’s all about the power that you hold within yourself.

So you’ve mastered the idea of manifestation and you’ve found your purpose – what next? Take a seat, honey, because it’s time to set your intentions. Focusing on your goals, down to the tiniest details, is what makes the magic work. You can’t just ask for a pile of money to show up in your bank account (bummer). You need to focus on how you’re going to get from small time to rich witch.

When you’re ready to upgrade your ritual, a manifestation candle takes your purposeful intentions and blasts them across every plane. For the spiritually-minded witches, the flame of a candle represents a light in the darkness that illuminates a path through the universe for your manifestations.

Go for Money Manifestation when you’re ready to see the Benjamins rolling in, attracting abundance in every aspect of your life with a candle conjured for prosperity. Make the Money Manifestation candle work by focusing on what happiness that abundance will bring. Is it a new job with more creative freedom? An office with a view? Co-workers that don’t make you want to rip your hair out on the daily? Money doesn’t bring happiness, but happiness always creates success.

This next one’s for our lonely in love witches – are you ready for a little Love Manifestation? Manifesting love in your life starts with loving yourself. Celebrate everything that makes you awesome! Love Manifestation doesn’t always have to be about finding a relationship – it can be about finding the love that you deserve within yourself. Once you’re there, the rest will fall into place. Trust.

Protection Manifestation and Purification Manifestation are amaze for the energetically-minded. Whether you need to snap out of a funk, clear out some bad vibes, or build up boundaries to keep out negativity, these rituals are for you. The light of the candle serves your purpose, and focusing on the flame overtaking the darkness balances your energy and brings light into your life.

Witches with a wild side can take on Eye for an Eye Manifestation. Slam the door on whatever (or whoever) is bringing toxic vibes into your life. You should feel the negative energy being banished from your life during this manifestation ritual. Bye, witch! Manifestation is just the ritual of directing intentional energy towards a specific goal. It’s your world – create the energy you deserve.

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