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Blue kyanite provides serious energetic protection, but also has an incredible effect on connecting you with higher energies and conciseness. You’ll find this teal stone radiating a very peaceful and assuring energy. It’s a favorite to keep near your bed for protection while you sleep.

This stone is in its natural state and can flake/chip a bit during travel.

KYA-1: 13LBS, 26"around $950

KYA-2: 22LBS, 36"around, $1200

KYA-3: 4.3LBS, 9”L $550

KYA-4: 5.4LBS, 20” around $450

KYA-5: 4.9LBS, 13” $500

All stones are hand selected from ethical sources. When purchasing stones we are sensitive to the environmental and human elements from which they are mined. Stones then are cleansed in multi-level ritual and charged in a vortex in Sedona, Arizona. These tedious steps ensure our stones have the best vibes possible.


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