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Travel Kit


The Sage & Salt Travel Kit: magically designed to cover your bases so that you can arrive at your final destination ready to engage and explore. All of the crystals, energy-clearing mist and other tools you need to stay grounded in transit. 

Travel doesn't just consist of complex itineraries and exposure to germs galore... when getting from point A to point B, you are also exposed to the energy of other travelers and places along the way. The influx of energetic influences in high-transit areas, from train stations to airports to hotels, is enough to leave an empath feeling downright drained. With more porous energetic boundaries than your average traveler, sensitive souls can end up at their destinations carrying more than just their luggage — we're talking about the residual energetic baggage that you pick up from strangers and strange places while en route.

Travel Intention Bundle:                                                                                                        A pouch containing four custom-curated gemstones to help keep you grounded and alert while en route. It can also be placed strategically throughout your hotel room for energetic protection from bad vibes. 

Black Tourmaline Palm Stone:                                                                                             This protective stone — which has been ethically sourced, cleansed, and charged in a vortex in Sedona, Arizona — fits ergonomically in the palm of your hand, or can be placed on your nightstand. Its high frequency vibration helps to protect your ethereal body from negative energy you may encounter on the road or at your final destination.

Smokeless Smudge:                                                                                                          Clear away any bad vibes or funky energy present with just a few, smoke-free spritzes. You can use it on yourself for a little post-travel cleanse, or to prep your hotel room before settling in. The best part is, you can use it match-free, making this hero product supremely travel-friendly.

Evil Eye Bracelet:                                                                                                              The evil eye charm is used to convey spiritual protection on the wearer. Slip on this bracelet before you embark, and keep it on during your travels, to help protect yourself from negative vibes or the effects of any malicious gazes along the way.

Black Salt:                                                                                                                          Salt is the ultimate detoxifier, and black salt, in particular, can give your abode a clean sweep, ethereally-speaking. Sprinkle it around your space, or place it in a bowl like enchanted potpourri, to absorb harsh energies that might be lurking.

Each travel kit also contains a Mantra/Spell intended for use during travel.

(Box size is 7x5x3")




Single purchase only includes one stone. Stones are intuitively selected, meaning you’re unable to pick your own. Please note that because of the nature of this stone, each piece is different from the other. The one you receive may not be one pictured here, but will look similar. Sizing may vary. Given the sensitive energetic nature of crystals, all sales are final.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Do not ingest. Item is sold as curio only.

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Travel Kit

Travel Kit