Six Crystals for Manifesting Money

 For those calling on the universe for more abundance in their life, working with specific energies from certain crystals is a great tool. The notion of abundance is specific to the individual; more of an umbrella term. Regardless of whether you’re trying to manifest more money, a better living situation, or just a heart full of gratitude for what you currently have, here are some crystals to attract abundance into your life. 

How do crystals attract abundance?   

Natural conduits of energy, crystals amplify our own intentions. Over the ages and throughout history, each crystal has become associated with specific energies and traits. It’s important that you work with stones that you connect with and apply them as you see fit. For example, if you find a stone that has an association with healing, but your intuition is leading you to believe it’ll be good for attracting money— go with your gut. 

By way of your own intentions combined with the energy of the crystal(s) that you’re working with, you’re letting it be known that you’re open to receiving abundance. The crystal requires your energy, motion, and effort to provide abundance. Keeping certain stones in a space can attract money and even protect your abundance-flow. Also, manifesting money isn’t just an outward process. Your level of self-worthiness is a substantial element, and receiving that is crucial to manifesting (with or without crystals) as well. 



If I had to pick one crystal for manifesting money, citrine would be it. I find that it radiates an energy of joy and makes keeping one’s mind on money-making easier. This yellow-hued stone is actually more rare than you might think. There’s a ton of fake (commonly baked amethyst) citrine on the market.


This metallic mineral isn’t only great for attracting abundance, but I also use this as a tool for money protection. I urge clients to keep it in their workplaces to fend off any ill-intentions or jealousy. Though it’s commonly known as fool’s gold, pyrite is a must-have for manifesting money. 


Best crystals for money

A stone of good fortune and luck, jade has long history of association with money and abundance. I love to gift someone who’s opened a new business with a chunk of jade. It’s also fantastic for those who just need a break in abundance matters. It is associated with the heart chakra. 


Tiger’s Eye

manifesting money with crystals

Looking to light a fire and put your business idea in motion? There’s something about those golden flashes in Tiger’s Eye that is just energetically motivating. I find the stone incredibly grounding and supportive when manifesting abundance and money. Allow it curb impulsive-urges and spending sprees. Tiger’s Eye is a great supplement to other abundance-focused crystals.


manifesting abundance with crystals

Before big abundance is able to make its way into your life, it’s important that you do the work to clear out habits, energies, and a mindset that are no longer serving you. Malachite is the stone for those seeking a fresh start. I find this green-hued stone amazing for those wanting to establish new habits when it comes to making money.  

Clear Quartz

If you had to own just ONE crystal, that stone should be a clear quartz. I commonly refer to it as the Swiss Army Knife of crystals because it is capable of doing anything and everything energetically you desire. Find yourself a quartz and charge it specifically with the intention of abundance and money. Carry it with you when you’re in business meetings, trying to land a client, or however you make money. Whilst meditating, hold the stone and state your intentions and desires surrounding money and abundance. 

Though we could go on and on about the best crystals for manifesting money, the above list are my favorites. A few honorable mentions include peridot, green aventurine and emerald.

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(Original artwork by Lasha Sikharulidze)