How to Spot Fake Citrine


Fake citrine? We don't know her     

During these uncertain times, joy and a sense of abundance can be in short supply. Citrine is a crystal that can help with those feelings of scarcity and help you manifest wealth and happiness in your life. Citrine is known for its warm yellow color and it carries the power of the sun. The crystal gives off a strong energy that’s both comforting and life-affirming - encouraging a fresh beginning. 

Not only will a citrine crystal bring positive energy to your life, but it’s also known as the Merchant’s Stone for its ability to manifest wealth. Citrine can bring you prosperity and it will encourage the flow of money into your account while discouraging excessive spending. With the pandemic officially passing a year, a crystal that promotes abundance and a full life is needed by everyone.


How to recognize a fake citrine

How to spot fake citrine? What is real citrine? Where to buy real citrine?

Above: (left) Fake vs. (right) real citrine

Citrine is a crystal that is more rare than people realize. Many places that offer citrine crystals are not selling the real deal. They’re actually selling a heat-treated amethyst which has been altered to look similar to citrine. When you heat an amethyst crystal to 300 or 400 degrees the vibrant purple color fades to yellow or orang. They’re still beautiful, but they won’t give you the same properties you’re looking for in a citrine crystal. 

A natural citrine crystal has a similar formation to clear quartz. The crystal grows in points and appears slightly translucent with either a yellow or even olive-green tint. The crystal itself is actually very rare and hard to find, which is why so many sellers stock the heat-treated amethyst. A few properties you should look for in a real citrine crystal are listed below:

  • A uniform color throughout
  • Straight, quartz-crystal like formation
  • Plenty of clarity

A red flag of the fake citrine can be spotted by a pure white base with an orange top.   

Buy a real citrine crystal

Unnatural and modified stones may be pretty, but they don’t contain the right properties. Amethyst, for example, is known for promoting calm and tranquility. These are excellent properties and important for certain uses and placement, but they’re very different from the properties of a real citrine crystal. Citrine is a powerful stone that you can use to manifest prosperity in your life, but you won’t achieve the same results if you’re relying on a fake citrine stone. Take the time to source a real citrine from a reliable seller so you’re sure to receive the benefits you’re seeking. 

Educating yourself on the appearance of a real citrine is an excellent place to start. Now that you understand how fake citrine crystals are created and how to spot them, you will have a much easier time recognizing the real deal when you see it. If you’re looking for a trusted crystal seller that offers citrine, then be sure to check out the Sage and Salt crystal selection. We offer hand-selected, ethically sourced citrine stones that have been cleansed and charged in Sedona, Arizona. Real vibes and energy can't be produced from fakes, y'all. You can trust the citrine at Sage & Salt is the real deal, intended to manifest joy and abundance the moment you bring it home.