The Astrology of Abundance: Syncing Your Manifestations to the Rhythms of the Cosmos
By: Jessica Ourisman 

The optimal manifestation ritual is multidimensional. It takes place within, by shifting scarcity mindset into abundance, and without, via aligned action between your values and desires.But as the oft-cited hermetic principle hints (As above, so below; as within, so without; as the universe, so the soul.) macro-level influences from the planets can also charge your manifestation process.

Astrology goes far beyond simply knowing your sun, moon, and rising signs. There is a rich lineage that informs the qualities of each sign, the energetic influences of each planet, the domains governed by each house, and the interpretations of each type of transit. It is by understanding these patterns with the help of astrologers that we can intentionally harness "cosmic momentum" to fuel our manifestation practices.

Planetary Influences

There are various energies relevant to manifesting associated with the planets — for instance, Jupiter is known as the Great Benefic, magnifying what he touches (whether good or bad), while the personal planets are rumored to help manifest quickly but fleetingly. "Planets act like omens when it comes to manifestation. By understanding the language of the cosmos, you can better understand what energies will be supportive or challenging for you," says Ryan Marquardt, Astrologer for The SoulUnity. "There are countless ways you can use cosmic energy to experiment with manifesting. I primarily use planetary energies to select auspicious days and times for making a wish list, creating a vision board, or taking action toward a dream." (He warns, however, not to get caught up in time frames for their total actualization as the Universe loves to deliver surprises.)

You can fine-tune your manifestation ritual even more powerfully if you take a look at your birth chart. "Where is the moon in your natal chart? Which sign and house? Once the moon in real-time gets back to that point, which will happen once per month, that's an extra special time [frame] to manifest — it's like your own personal New and Full Moon cycle," Marquardt says. He also notes that when Venus transits the 2nd house in your birth chart, it is an optimal time to manifest material abundance. When the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Jupiter transit your 11th house (of hopes, dreams, and wishes), "there is extra support for your dreams to take root and flourish." 

Manifesting with the Moon Cycles

Manifesting with the Moon cycle is a classic, tried-and-true way of syncing your desires to the movements of celestial bodies — and is Marquardt's personal favorite. "Using the Moon cycle is one of the oldest and simplest ways to manifest. Every month — or moonth — we get a full lunar cycle. The moon appears dark at the New Moon phase, then it grows in light until the Full Moon. Then the light begins to dissipate until the next New Moon," he explains. 

This waxing and waning process provides the perfect holistic synastry and innate symbolism between the ethereal and the physical, the body and earth, and the soul and cosmos. The New Moon is generally considered to be the ideal time for "planting the seeds" of your manifestations, whether setting intentions, making a wish list, or harnessing goals. "I think it's best to wait one or two nights [after the New Moon] so the moon has some light coming in again," Marquardt offers. "As the moon grows in light, so do your intentions."

Two weeks later, when the Full Moon is at its peak, Marquardt considers it a time for reflection and release. "At every Full Moon, I revisit my New Moon wish list or meditate on the intentions I set," he says. "Then I make another list, but this time it's a list of blocks or obstacles in my way that I need to let go of." So, after "planting" your intentions, they begin to take root; then, in two weeks, you release obstacles blocking their materialization, a part of the process that allows them to come to fruition.

Tips and Tricks for Moon Manifestations

Marquardt also shares a few insider's tips for the lunar manifestation process. First, that the Full Moon is a great time for manifestation — just not manifesting gains, per se, because the light will be decreasing. He also notes that the zodiac sign of each New and Full Moon is relevant to the type of manifestation that it is ideal to call in. "For example, if you're writing a wish list at the New Moon in Virgo, then you want to incorporate language and ideals that resonate with the energy of Virgo," he tells Sage & Salt. "Harnessing the energy of the zodiac sign the Moon is in will help add some lubrication to your wishes and intentions."

He also wants you to know that the ritualistic aspect of what you practice is key. While it can be personalized to suit your tastes — from creating altars, to vision boards, to moon-bathing — making it a practice month after month (once you find what works for you) is powerful. "I think making a wish list at every New Moon, and a release list at every Full Moon, is an effective and easy way to start manifesting," he adds. "Do this once, and you might not feel that much momentum. Do it for three months, and you'll be surprised by how many doors the universe has opened for you. Do it for six months, and you'll be in a magical flow with numerous wishes having already come true."

The Spirituality of Manifestation

To spiritual seekers, this sort of holistic, cosmic alignment can be achieved and lived between mind, body, soul — and universe. It's been said that manifestation occurs most easily when you are living in this sacred state between Self and the cosmos, and astrology provides an engaging means of tuning-in to the universal flow. Manifestation, like so many other things in life, is not solely about the end goal, but largely about the process. Learning to sync yourself with the stars and planets is a valuable life lesson gleaned along the way.

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(Original art by Joe Gonzalovich / licensed by Sage & Salt)