Abundance Manifestation: Shifting Away From Scarcity
By: Jessica Ourisman 

Talk of manifestation teems with abundance — the abundance of gratitude, joy, love, and yes, material possessions. But the act of consciously co-creating with the universe actually goes deeper than attracting the material belongings that you hope to call in. In a sense, the life of your dreams — brimming with everything you could dream of — could very well be the destination, in a manner of speaking. But the inner component of the manifestation process is what shifts you towards healing and alignment as part of the journey. Material abundance actually comes from raising your vibration such that your outer-reality reflects your more enlightened inward state.

"What most people don't understand is that it's our subconscious thoughts that create our reality," says spiritual mentor and breathwork practitioner, Alyse Bacine, founder of Alyse Breathes. "When it comes to abundance, we can say we want to live an abundant lifestyle, but what it really comes down to is what unconscious programming is running in the background that's informing how we really feel about abundance."

Manifestation techniques these days go deeper than the "spiritual bypass" techniques of days past, acknowledging that the underlying beliefs and corresponding neural networks in the brain must be re-worked to bring about lasting change — for instance, think of the wildly popular form of Neural Manifestation championed by To Be Magnetic.

The gist is that there is a complex psycho-spiritual process that determines whether and why you are operating from a place of fear-based lack (i.e., scarcity mindset) or the high vibration, mindset of abundance, from which you can manifest with ease. For many, familiarizing themselves with this process is an integral part of the spiritual path.

The Abundance Mindset

"Manifestation is the ability to create what you want in your life. Many people think of manifestation as it relates to material things, like calling in a car that you desire or a house you've been wanting. This is true, but on a deeper level, manifestation is really living in alignment with the universe," says Bacine. "Abundance refers to love, aliveness, experiences, and openness." Outward abundance is a byproduct of inner-abundance that is cultivated by shifting away from lack-based thinking and fear-based thoughts towards one of gratitude and abundance.

"Your mindset is everything, " says Nicole Rosé, founder of the Queens of Creation Mentorship Program and Big Queen Energy Podcast Host. "If there is a sense of lack, need, scarcity, or insecurity present in your mindset, this will affect your attitude, your vibration, your performance, and your results. According to the Law of Attraction, the energy you put out is the energy you receive back."

Doing the inner work to neutralize the emotions associated with past traumas and suppressed memories is part of how to train your brain to achieve more "abundant" states. This inward manifestation process rewires your brain (via neuroplasticity) to achieve the state of having what you are looking to manifest even before it actually materializes without limiting beliefs talking you down. The goal is to align your desires, emotions, intentions, and actions on the same aspirational vibration.

The Process

Those with an active practice have probably already realized that setting intentions and taking aligned action can bring up tests and challenges along the way. These instances actually provide opportunities to de-program limiting beliefs that are rooted in childhood and developmental conditioning that resulted in suppressed emotions and trauma. This is the "de-conditioning" process — from the brain to your behaviors — that will allow you to embody a higher-vibration with an upleveled manner of thinking that aligns you with your intended state. 

As Bacine explains, this is critical because repressed memories and traumas that remain unconscious are what keep you blocked from the necessary sustained states of abundance and positivity. In essence, you are re-working the vestiges of the scarcity mindset that lingered from your development and past. "Typically we receive programming in childhood from our parents and society that there is only a certain amount of love, money, resources, etc.

That everything is limited and if you have something that means someone else doesn't," she says. "In order to live and feel abundant, we must identify these limiting beliefs about the world that are holding us back. Until we do, we just recreate them again and again in every situation."

She explains that once repressed emotions and traumas are consciously released and re-processed, more harmonious states of existence come into effect, and manifestations arise with ease. Along the way, don't get discouraged if you fall back into your ways of thinking or victim to defeatist, negative thoughts; the practice is truly about patiently redirecting your thoughts and behaviors to the new, desired way of being until it becomes the new baseline.

Signs You Are Operating From A Scarcity Mindset

As you begin the process of clearing blocks, you might begin to feel lighter, more optimistic, self-aware, and joyful. But clearing energy blockages does not happen all at once! If you are wondering whether a scarcity mindset is still operating in a domain of your life in which you are hoping to manifest, thwarting your efforts, consider your thoughts and feelings. "Your feelings are a very solid indicator of what thoughts, beliefs, or programming is running your current state of mind. If you're feeling low energy, frustrated, or bored, for example, you're most likely running some old thought patterns or looping down a negative thought spiral," Bacine explains.

For example, if you are imagining the ideal relationship, home, job, or state of flow — but simply do not believe it is possible — then there is work to do on a deeper level. You can't simply ignore these fears and doubts and expect them to manifest; but by addressing them, you can shift your perception of reality *and* the eventual outcomes.

Tips to Achieve an Abundance Mindset

"You can't have abundance until you can feel abundant… Our energy goes where our focus flows [and] there are many ways you can uplevel your mindset," Rosé says. "Focusing on positives and pairing that emotion with intention is what brings about the best manifestation results." Here are some tips to get your inner-work to achieve abundance started.

Do the deeper work.

      "Clearing trauma is the number one way to shift into an expansive and abundant mindset more regularly," says Bacine. This can be done in myriad ways, from working with a trauma-informed psychotherapist to practice one (or several) different healing modalities. Because trauma has far-reaching consequences that impact the physical body as well as the brain and emotions, energy work, body work, meditation, nutrition, and exercise can all be helpful. This is absolutely the time to draw from Eastern and Western modalities in an integrative way, with plenty of room for holistic wellness.

      Get the energy moving.

        "The most powerful and efficient tool that I have found to move through trauma and unravel limiting beliefs is breathwork, which is at the crux of my work with all of my clients," Bacine says. "When you use the breath, you get energy moving in the body [and] stuck energy starts to move… Breathwork is a very easy way to access the subconscious mind so that you gain a deeper understanding of the programming that is running you on a deeper level, release it, and create something new." Often a breathwork session can cause suppressed emotions to resurface, spontaneous release of emotions through crying, and lift blocks in creativity — and more. Done regularly as part of a practice, the benefits grow.

        Journal, uncover limiting beliefs, create affirmations.

          Rosé encourages practices that allow you to delve into the fear that is driving your lack-based thought patterns, whether neediness, insecurity, doubt, or straight-up fear. "What is making you scared? What is making you feel insecure? Confront your fear," she says. Journaling can help you understand the roots of your limiting beliefs, while affirmations — positive statements crafted to counteract the underlying limiting belief (rooted in the fear) — help to provide you with the new, abundant programming once the energy has moved.


            When fear-based thinking takes over, Rosé recommends redirecting your thoughts to focus on what promotes feeling "grateful, more love, more calm, more at peace," into an empowered state. This helps to stop perpetuating the fear-based spiral before you get to work clearing it. This is not to say to ignore your underlying feelings, however, it does empower you to take control of your emotional states. This sense of self-mastery is everything when it comes to being a conscious co-creator.

            Structure your time to prioritize the work.

              In order to keep your mindset positive and abundant when you aren't delving into the inner-work, Rosé recommends creating a routine that helps to cultivate your desired states. "My morning routine is structured to generate an abundant, joyful, loving mindset," she says. Setting aside time to listen to inspiring podcasts, to converse with like-minded friends, and actively committing time in your schedule to do the deeper work can all help to keep you on track.

              Remember — this is a lifelong journey, and there is no limit to what you can call into your lives when you do the inner-work to uplevel into higher vibrational states. 

              (Original artwork by Andrii Grey)