The Power of Manifestation Candles

Quite literally the light at the end of the tunnel.

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

In a world where we can’t control much, manifesting is more important than ever. That means it’s time to take what you want and conjure it into reality. Before diving into manifestation using candles, we need to understand why utilizing flame in manifestation is so powerful and how to magically jumpstart the process.

Fire’s connection to magic is one of the longest-held traditions in practice. As one of the core elements, it is the signature sign of transformation. Each of the four elements are incredibly powerful and ancient tools – their relationship to humanity is recognized in Greek philosophy and the earliest sciences. In a nutshell: it’s some old and powerful shit.

Just because fire is transformational, doesn’t mean it inspires positive change on its own. That’s where the practice of manifestation comes in. The dancing candle flame is your tool to enhance your magic and keeps your manifestation active as it burns. Put on your conjuring caps, class, because there will be a pop quiz at the end.

As you manifest – whether you’re going for major coin, looking to purify your space, or getting ready to rid yourself of the bad mojo left behind from your seventh Zoom meeting of the day – focusing on the what instead of the how is the first step. You’re asking the universe for a favor, which means you need to trust her to get it done on her own terms. Believe me, she’ll deliver. For example: clearly envisioning the abundance you seek, rather than a specific Venmo notification is your ticket to riches.

When you’ve got a clear picture of what you’re requesting from the cosmos, hit send by lighting your candle. Add some flavor to your manifestation through candles prepared with intention. A simple Purification Manifestation Candle is a cosmic bug zapper for shady spaces (both in your home and your vibe.) If you’re seeking a fat stack, a Money Manifestation Candle will do the trick. There’s one for matters of the heart, one to act as your mystical bodyguard, and even one to put your enemies in their place.

The key to a successful manifestation is burning your candle down without blowing out the flame. Your candle is a beacon of intention in the universe, so consider the message you’re sending when you unceremoniously extinguish it. Safety is priority number one, though, so if you need to douse your flame, snuff it out (with a quick thank you to the universe.) If you’re running low on patience – looking at you Sags – a Mini Manifestation Candle is probably the way to go.

So, what makes a candle crafted for manifestation so special? The hands that conjure them, of course. A tool is only as strong as its maker, and manifestation candles are veritable flame throwers among matchsticks. Created with ritual, intention, and good vibes only, they’re supercharged to help your message flow into the universe (and return results). It’s test time, witches. Are you ready?

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