Essential Energy at 35,000 Feet
10 travel tips to keep the good vibes flowing when you’re making money move

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure (or both), hitting the road can hit your perfectly balanced energy pretty hard. At home you’ve curated an environment where your spirit can vibe with the universe to support your power moves day in and day out. When you jet away, you’re stuck in spaces where a million other people have left a little energy. It dirties up the place, and is certainly no way for any respectable witch to travel.

Luckily, you’ve got some options that’ll clear out that nasty old energy and keep you feeling fresh from the plane to the hotel room shower.

  1. The TSA-Approved Smudge
    Make some room in your carry on for two ounces of energy cleansing goodness with Smokeless Smudge. Spritz some on the plane (just enough to clear the energy around you), and douse your hotel room ASAP.
  2. Carry a Prayer in a Bag
    These little sachets can go a long way in keeping you grounded while traveling, and can be customized with amulets to serve your needs. Include black tourmaline for protection, citrine for prosperity, or the always reliable clear quartz for just about everything else. Also, see our Crystal Travel Kit.  
  3. Nail Down Your Morning Meditation
    Develop a mini meditation routine that only takes up 10 to 15 minutes each morning. Focus each session on the goals you’re hoping to achieve on your trip for a quick calming session in anywhere, anytime.
  4. Moon Moods Try to plan your travel dates around the full moon. It tends to drive everyone a little crazy thanks to the intense amount of energy that’s released during the full moon. Not exactly ideal for travel. If you can’t avoid it, be mindful of your energy and your fellow passengers’ vibes.
  5. Business Witch Tricks
    Traveling for business? Get started on the right foot by dabbing a little Abundance Oil on the business cards you bring along to get that wealth flowing.
  6. Catch A Breath
    If you get overwhelmed during boarding, or just feel a little off while you’re trying to check in at the hotel, concentrate on your breath. Practice intentional breathing at home so that you can keep your energy on fleek when you’re away.
  7. Give Yourself a Little Lovin
    Prep for trips in advance by lighting up a Protection Candle and manifest some good vibes for your upcoming travels.
  8. Get Grounded
    When you do make it to your destination, take a quick walk to balance your chakras and ground you to the earth’s energy.
  9. Visualizer
    This one might not be for the beginner, but seasoned witches should always visualize a bubble of clean, white energy surrounding them for an extra layer of globetrotting protection.
  10. Vibe Queen
    If all else fails, rely on your vibes to see you through. With a strong will and a clear heart, your energy can overpower any funky mojo hanging around.