Three Magical Musts to Ring in the New Year

The new year is here! Which means it’s time to wash the energy of 2017 out of your hair. Whether the past twelve months were good for you or not, embrace the positivity, excitement, and possibilities of 2018. New year, new you? Or perhaps, new year, new life completely. Get it, witches.

So your checklist is ready. The house is clean. Black eyed peas are on the stove and your twelve grapes are ready to eat. But what about your magical musts to ring in 2018 properly? We’re all about attracting more positive vibes in our lives, especially at the beginning of a year. So let us help you with some of our traditions. You better believe we’re sweeping out the old with a little help from our magical goodies. And a broom. Brooms are key, obvi.

Smokeless Smudge: Clear the air in your home before you start your countdown. If you’re feeling heavy, tired, and generally worn down by 2017 (and who isn’t?) then may we suggest our Smokeless Smudge spray? The perfect blend of sage with other sacred herbs, and witchy goodness will make your space feel lighter and brighter. Spray the meh away, y’all. Open your windows (key when smudging so the bad juju can leave) and while you’re spraying, tell the room what you’re doing. We’re serious. “I banish the bad vibes from this year, get out of this house. Only positivity and light can remain.” Or something that fits you a bit more. It’s okay to improvise, just make your intentions known. Bad vibes? Boy bye.

Wealth Dust: Okay, so your home feels good now, right? Awesome job! Now it’s time to think about what you want in 2018. January 1st is a full moon, so this waxing moon right now is the ideal time to work a little abundance magic. Hello, Wealth Dust! We like to use this to make things grow (figuratively, don’t use it with plants). From ideas to bank accounts, the Wealth Dust is all about getting your prosperity and security on. Use it to focus your thoughts on what you have and want, not what you’re lacking. That scarcity mindset is so 2017. In 2018, we’re thinking and living abundantly!

Love Magic Candle: If your big hope and wish is love—and we’re so with you on that—light up our Love Magic Candle. This mega Cupid’s arrow was made to help spark the lovin’ feeling in and around you. Manifest that divine romance, you deserve it! Each candle is personally attended to by a very fabulous witch, and will burn for over 250 hours. That’s a lot of loving! And magical instructions come with, so you’ll be ready to chat up your crush in no time.

You’re now almost ready for 2018. What’s left? Your New Year’s Eve outfit, duh. Enjoy, and be sure to toast the new year in style. Witchy kisses to you all!