Developing Daily Ritual

Three steps to creating an everyday energy elixir. By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

Creating a daily ritual does more than just lend a little witchy lovin’ to your life. It’s a great way to focus your mind each morning and help keep your emotions in check. Basically, building a ritual sets the stage for manifesting good vibes from morning to night. It’s a lot easier than you think, and doesn’t even involve a magic wand – unless you’re feeling fancy.

When establishing a daily ritual, start by thinking of it as setting aside some time to make a habit of strengthening your energy. You’ve already got a set of rituals you do every single day – grabbing that morning cup of coffee, checking social media on the commute to work, listening to a playlist while making dinner. They’re more than habits, they’re rituals. Adding in some time to acknowledge your energy and ground yourself each morning primes you to take on the day like the boss you are.

Step One: Set the Stage

Make some space for a few energetically-charged objects that inspire you. The basics usually include a candle, crystals, and a serene environment. If you’re focused on manifesting good vibes, a go with the Purification Manifestation Candle and selenite or crystal quartz. For witches looking for a come up, try the Money Manifestation Candle and some citrine anointed in Abundance Oil. Major bonus points for earthy extras that promote calming like lavender (to reduce anxiety), sage (to cleanse your space), or Gerber daisies (to purify the air).

Step Two: Catch Your Breath

Once your space is lit, both figuratively and literally, train yourself to breathe deeply. Connecting your breath to the energy that flows throughout your body takes a little practice, but that’s why we’re working out our ritual. You don’t need to jump into a full on meditation sesh, but spend at least a few full minutes soaking in the vibes the universe is sending your way. Deep breathing begins with a long breath in through the nose that extends deep into your belly. You can check this by placing your hand on your stomach – you’ll be able to feel the extension in your belly. Breathe out through your mouth. Rinse and repeat.

Step Three: The Money Maker

Finish up with the final tried & true intention setting step: a mantra. You can focus your mantra on any aspect in your life that needs attention. Whether it’s banishing toxic energy in general, manifesting abundance, or luring in love, verbally releasing your intentions to the universe is the only way she can answer you.

Even the busiest witch can make some time to create a ritual. Plus, paying more attention to the energy you start with influences the energy that’s drawn to you throughout the day. It’s basically the first line of defense in protecting your vibe and keeping basic witches from sliding into your DMs. You’ve got the tools – it only takes a few minutes every day to make magic happen.