Star Struck: The Best Crystals for Every Sign


Crystals are a dazzlingly powerful tool to summon good vibes and craft positive energy. Their connection with the earth is, in many ways, strikingly similar to our own connection with our zodiac sign. The stars play a part in all that we are and all that exists in nature, after all. So why don’t your stones match your signs? Get it together, witches.

Take your crystal collection to the next level with stones suited to nurture your natural assets and squash those negative impulses. Because if you’re anything like we are, you frequently catch yourself saying something along the lines of “I’m a cancer, I can’t help it!”.

If you’re feeling extra, you can even curate a collection based on your sun, moon, and rising signs and bask in the glory of a perfectly energy-aligned space. Looking at you, Virgos and Caps. So stop blaming your sign and start getting earthy (or fiery, or watery, or airy).

Aquarius - Use fluorite’s ability to hone focus to take your wild, creative energy and transform it into the foundation for your next big project.

Pisces - Aquamarine can be a great tool to help you protect your spirit from the chaos of the environment around you, and can help you communicate what you truly want and need rather than just adapting to the situation at hand.

Aries - Garnet will give you that oomph you need to power through the endless meetings, conference calls, and general nonsense that clogs your day and brings down your vibes.

Taurus - Citrine is a powerplayer for Taurus. Its energy gives you the motivation you need to power through the work day, and it invites the abundance that makes your weekends wonderful.

Gemini - Black Tourmaline should already be in your arsenal, but its power is particularly on point for Geminis. Its protective energy can help to let you know when your loyalty has been misplaced.

Cancer - Jade can help to bring harmony to your emotional state and can be an ace in the hole when you’re trying to reconcile your feelings with facts.

Leo - You’re a natural leader, and Tiger’s Eye can help you master any and every task at hand. It can also help to balance your emotions so that you can see things a little more clearly.

Virgo - Pick up some rose quartz to help bring a little extra loving energy into your space - it’ll help remind you to be gentler with those around you, even in the midst of an organizational crisis.

Libra - Lapis Lazuli is the perfect stone to keep on hand for the Libra who sometimes needs help finding the path to sharing their wisdom and taking advantage of all of the knowledge they’ve acquired.

Scorpio - When your passion is on the verge of overflowing (translation: you’re ready to go nuclear on that barista who wronged you six months ago) amethyst can bring you peace and keep you focused on your own creative endeavors.

Sagittarius - Turquoise’s energy encourages you to summon some empathy for everyone in the room, and can increase positivity. It’ll cut the drama and keep the party going all night long.

Capricorn - While you might not admit to being completely, and overwhelmingly stressed thanks to your legendary work ethic, keep some kyanite around to lift anxiety and keep your mind clear. You know, just in case.

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