Tarot & Crystals: The Best Stones to Use When Throwing Cards

The connection between Tarot and crystals can make your readings more intuitive. When you find the right stones for your work, that work blossoms exponentially. There are a variety of opinions on what stone works for each area. For the purpose of this article, we will be working with each stones metaphysical properties.

One of the first stones to obtain would be a clear quartz crystal. This is one of Natures natural batteries. It can be used to enhance other stones. You can carry it with you to increase your own energy. For Tarot, it is a fantastic stone. But how do you work with it?

Before you begin your reading, take the quartz in your hand. Focus on the idea of it bringing clarity and insight to you via the cards. Ask for its help. One way you might address this is, Holy helper of the earth, bring me insight, clarity, and the wisdom to work with my divination tool.” The thing you are aiming for is a clear statement. A short statement is also best simply because longer statements tend to get muddled up. The recommendation is to say this phrase at least three times before starting your reading. Many in the magickal world prefer saying phrases like this nine times. Three is a magickal number in many traditions (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) so three times three is a sacred mathematical equation.

Once this is completed, place the quartz at the top of your reading area. There are two schools of thought on where to point the crystal (assuming it has a point.)  One is that the point should be toward you as it is focusing the energy into you. The second group believes that pointing a crystal toward yourself or anyone else, is intruding into the aura. This writer feels that the point should be toward the Tarot reader.

When you are finished with your reading, you can leave the crystal out or put it away. That is up to you as the practitioner. If you are going to stow it away, consider wrapping it in something soft (natural fabrics rank higher than synthetic ones.) Storing stones with your cards works great. Just remember you will want to absolutely wrap any rough-edged stones so that the Tarot deck is not damaged. Tumbled stones are also nice to keep in your Tarot bag. Many professional readers have a kit that includes their reading cloth, a deck or two, stones, candles, incense, and matches. Some dont utilize all the accoutrements, but many clients have an expectation of some sort of atmosphere.

Back to stones and Tarot; there are a number of stones you may want to include for your readings:

  • Citrine offers clarity. It is also very good for mental blocks so it can help you get to the message.
  • Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli are both considered communication stones. 
  • Iolite is an excellent stone for getting the message across when you are reading for others. It is also the stone for speaking in public. 
  • Amethyst helps with psychic openings, as does sugilite. 
  • Alexandrine is also amazing for communicating. If you are seeking to get answers from the beyond, it is good to have grounding and protection stones such as jet or black tourmaline.

When you have your crystals, place them around your reading area. If you are working with the ubiquitous Celtic Cross, you might lay the quartz at the top and the black tourmaline at the bottom, with amethyst to the left and citrine to the right. Quartz represents your head and what is above you. Tourmaline would be your feet with all things that root you. Citrine is on the active right side to remind you that focus is tantamount in any reading. Last, but not least, amethyst is the connection to your intuitive self. For those who are left-handed, reversing the citrine and amethyst is fine.

The size of the crystal matters less than the metaphysical property. Your intention is to choose stones that will deepen your connection with the Tarot. Pick what speaks to you. Lay them out around your reading area. And remember, practice makes progress. May your Tarot practice bloom with all the possibilities of the Universe.

Author Info: Arwen Lynch-Poe has been a practicing stone witch since the late 80’s. A professional psychic reader since 1985, Arwen does past life readings, introspective readings, as well as spirit guide readings. Her goal is to guide her clients with compassion, confidence, and some gentle shoves where necessary.

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