Shaman Durek Speaks to Sage & Salt's Magickal Potency
By: Jessica Ourisman

The lessons that we learn from spiritual teachers like Shaman Durek, a sixth-generation shaman with celebrity fans including Gwyneth Paltrow, come in myriad forms. The extent of his advice and wisdom is vast, but also includes functional guidance to help you live a more aligned life. For instance, he teaches that achieving inner-peace can come by setting personal boundaries to attune to your inner needs, rather than to the chaos of the world around you, and in consciously choosing to redirect your thoughts onto the positives of a situation when you become overwhelmed by adversity.

Deceptively simple, profound truths like these are transformative when implemented regularly as mental practices; think of them like "training" your brain to adopt thought patterns that make you more peaceful. But the process requires patience, practice, and intention. While we do not all have access to teachers like Shaman Durek to provide reminders and tweak our efforts over time, the end-goal is to become your own coach along the way as you strengthen the part of yourself that is already connected to universal truth and wisdom.

Training Your Brain to Access Spirit

Neuroplasticity is the underlying basis of what epigenetics is revealing; namely, that science verifies that the brain continues to adapt to and respond to new learning across the entire life span. Disproving the old notion that you "can't teach an old dog new tricks," with regular, intentional, and recurrent practice, the very opposite is true; you can reprogram your brain to respond differently to stress, to be more resilient in its wake, and even to perceive the world in a more spiritually-aligned manner. Commitment to the journey is key and takes the understanding that even when you react according to your old, unwanted patterns, this is not a failure but an opportunity to put your learnings into practice.

Efforts to attune your minds to the frequency of spiritual truth and inner-wisdom are cumulative over time and with repetition. Gently redirecting your minds to access the states that bring out your better self is essentially a lifelong journey; the key is making the efforts into a practice and into a lifestyle. Practices that help to induce this receptive state in which we can reduce stress, re-frame our perspectives, and access our Higher Selves are key to this process; hence the utility of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, body work, and whatever other stress-reducing modalities personally resonate with you on your spiritual journeys. (Why? Because stress impacts the brain's plasticity!)

Magickal Tools to Make Personal Growth a Practice

At Sage & Salt, we believe that formalizing these spiritual practices ritualistically, setting the mood with tools, products, and magickal practices, help to ease the human mind into this transcendent state where accessing the soul and the eternal realm becomes possible — a far cry from the reactive states of mind that result from the stimulating and frenetic pace of the outer world, to be sure. Although neuroplasticity proves that in time, you can essentially build the "muscle memory" in the your brain to achieve a more spiritual world-view, it admittedly takes time and effort.

Thus, the conscious practice of easing the mind into this healing state is where Sage & Salt's magickal product line seeks to become invaluable to you in your practice. Not only is it created by those for whom this process is an everyday lifestyle, but each batch is infused with intentional and ritualistically-concocted ingredients that facilitate your access to the deeper realms, and our witch-founder creates the line with these healing intentions in mind to help shift from the human experience into the mystical, from the everyday to the eternal. You might turn to Smokeless Smudge Spray to set the ambiance, a candle to anchor in your intention, and/or a crystal to amplify the energy. When you cannot achieve stillness in order to access your inner-guidance, a pendulum can reveal the aligned answer, or a crystal ball can aid you in your psychic practices. Mindset is everything, and with the right tools, the magickal world is truly your oyster. 

Shaman Durek Speaks on Sage & Salt

There are countless retailers from which to shop your crystals, candles, and tools to enhance your spiritual practices. We cannot emphasize enough that, particularly when working with highly-programmable materials like the earth's high-frequency crystals, the etheric and ethical subtleties of sourcing and creation matter immensely. Without expecting you to simply take our word for it, this is where Shaman Durek's verification of the line's potency backs up our promise to you of the line's integrity.

“Sage & Salt creates pure magic and intention; the products have soul and heart," Shaman Durek says. "The moment you spray it around your body, not only can you feel the magic cleansing and clearing that’s taking place, [but] you can also feel the spirit of nature and the ancestors. When you have a product that’s so sacred as that, it’s important to be in Lit Verified, those are the things the people should be using.”

Whether you are well-versed in the world of esoterica, or you are just getting started, we seek to create the tools to help you on your journey to wholeness and empowerment. The approval of the world-renowned and celebrity-beloved Shaman Durek comes as a form of validation of our pure intentions, and we hope they assuage any doubts you have that what we offer in our store is of the highest-frequency, spiritual caliber.

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(Original artwork for Sage & Salt by Lasha Si)