My Little Rituals: Jared Bailey

My Little Rituals is a monthly column featuring magical people and their superstitions, woo-woo routines and rituals.

Jared Bailey is the Global Brow Expert for Benefit Cosmetics. Bailey’s habitual good energy, positive outlook and beauty-filled videos make him our favorite person on Instagram. We caught up with Jared to discuss his little rituals.

My little rituals are: I start every morning on my yoga mat and before I start my practice I set my intention for the day and spritz my mat with Intuition Spray. I truly believe that you are who you practice to be and this little ritual helps me to focus my energies and intentions in the right direction.

My must-haves for good vibes are: Traveling with out crystals is like driving without a seat belt in my honest opinion. I never leave my house without my black tourmaline palm stone in my backpack and a tiny moonstone in my pocket.

My most magical object: I take my manifestation candles very seriously and i just finished a protection candle that had pictures of my family and friends all around it. I had a little mantra I repeated every time I lit it and I never blew out the flame. I was also very careful to never let anyone touch the candle or the pictures until I burned it to the end. I felt like that candle had a lot of power and I wanted to make sure it was used in the right way.

How do you keep your vibes right? Every morning I wake up and burn a little palo santos. I walk through my entire apartment with a smoking stick trying my best to stay away from smoke detectors (out of pure respect for my downstairs neighbors).

Did you grow up with any superstitions? I grew up in the south so most of my families superstitions are related to college football except for the things you HAVE to eat on New Years day. Every January 1st you got to eat black-eyed peas and collard greens. The peas are for luck and the greens are for money. Of all the meals I have all year long I wouldn't dare skip this one.

Have any now? Well I still cook my peas and greens every new years day. I never walk under ladders. I wouldn't dream of opening an umbrella indoors. I'm very careful to never drop a mirror. And if you're seated behind me at a restaurant when I spill the salt, I'm sorry in advance.

How do you get rid of bad vibes? Anytime the energy in my place feels a little off, or I've had "one of those days" where shit just isn't going right I spray down my place with Smokeless Smudge. I also use it when I bring new objects or antiques into my house to clear any vibes from other owners. Spritzing my apartment with Smokeless Smudge is also one of the final things I do before I have people over for dinner or drinks to set the right mood and energy in my place.

Into crystals? Favorites? VERY into crystals. I have a little bit of Rose Quartz in nearly every room, beside my bed, next to pictures of my family and friends. Love is powerful shit, man. I never leave home without my black tourmaline and moonstone because safety first! I also love green crystals because I'm really drawn to the color right now. I have a raw emerald in living room that i love and gets a lot of my attention these days.

What are you currently manifesting? I don't want to say but it rhymes with the word "glove" and I may or may not have burnt a candle for it in the not so distant past.

What grounds you? Being on or near a large body of water. Luckily I live in a city thats surrounded by it and when i feel like i need to press pause for a minute I bike out to the ocean.

How do you raise your energy? Spend sometime upside down, just like everybody else, right? But seriously thats what i do, wether in a hand stand or something as simple as putting my legs up the wall. Getting your heart higher than your head helps bring fresh oxygenated blood to the brain and totally lifts my mood and energy. It's like a cosmic cup of matcha.

Do you rely on your intuition? Yes, on nearly everything I do.

Most Magical Person I know: Corbin Chamberlin. I met the man years ago in an elevator bank in New York City and he gave me his card and told me he was there if I ever needed him. I'm not sure where the card went but 3 years later he came back into my life exactly when I needed him. Everything he shares with me feels honest and sacred. I'm grateful everyday for the magical way the universe webbed us together.

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