Get With the Program: How to Program Your Crystals

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

If you’re not programming your crystals, you are missing out on some major manifestation. Allow me to explain; crystals are the swiss army knives of magic. They can protect your vibe, attract blessings, and purify your space. They’ve also got a great memory. That means that you can imbue stones with concentrated intention. In other words, you can train your crystals to each serve a different purpose in your life. Programming helps to focus on manifestation and intensify daily ritual. It also helps to develop and strengthen the connection between your magic and your crystals to create some pretty powerful rocks.

One of the most rampant misconceptions about programming is that it’s the same as charging your crystals. While they go hand in hand, charging and programming are definitely sisters, not twins. When you charge a stone, you’re replenishing the energy that you’ve drawn from it. When you program a crystal, you’re creating a connection between your intention and the stone’s energy to aid in manifestation. A crystal that doesn’t have any energy to draw from can’t be properly programmed. Likewise, while you can re-program a crystal, you don’t need to repeat the programming ritual regularly unless your intentions change. You should always, however, consistently charge your crystals.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s actually worth it to go through the extra steps to program your crystals, the short answer is…sometimes. Considering the purpose of each stone is important when you’re ready to start programming. The general vibe check that some crystals naturally bring to your space, and to your energy is powerful and shouldn’t be discounted. Black tourmaline palm stones, for example, protect your mojo from the moment you’ve cleansed and charged them. No extra programming required. But maybe you’re working on a specific manifestation – let’s say it’s love, or abundance (because we could all use a little abundance in our lives right now) – a programmed crystal will focus your energy to help intensify your request to the universe.

So, you’re armed and ready with a collection of programmable crystals. Let’s get to the good part – it’s programming time. A very basic programming ritual starts with meditation. You’ll want to clear your mind and calm your spirit as much as possible so that you can start with a clean slate. Once you’re ready, hold the crystal that you intend to program in your palms. Raise it to your heart or forehead – whatever feels right. Magic is, above all else, deeply personal. There is no one-size-fits-all ritual. Focus on your intention and what it is that you want to manifest as clearly and with as much detail as you can. This might take some time and that’s okay. Pour that image into your stone, picturing a pure, white bridge connecting what lies in your mind’s eye to your crystal. Repeat as many times as needed, until you feel the energy of the crystal focus.

So clear your schedules, witches, because the days ahead are filled with blessings. (Feature image by Yvonne Cheah-Blais)

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