How to Manifest More Cash in a Flash with Wealth Dust

Money, money, money! Money! Who couldn’t use a little extra cash, or perhaps feel more abundant in their day-to-day life? Seriously, everyone could use that feeling of financial security right now, especially with all the turmoil going on in the world. Not having to worry about your bank account can help ease your stress level. We so feel you.

Sprinkle your way to abundance, witches! Wealth Dust, a unique and luxe combination of prosperity-attracting ingredients, can help you live the life you’ve only dreamt about. Stop dreaming, start doing. Got a client who won’t pay up? Or perhaps a missing paycheck? Sprinkle some of this around your house and office and you could be rocking some bling in no time.

Will you magically get the winning lotto numbers? No, and if you do, share them with us. But you will find the obstacles that are blocking your way to living large loosen up a bit. That check that was lost in the mail could show up. Or you’ve overpaid your taxes and a nice refund is heading your way. Or your ambition comes roaring back after taking a bit of a sabbatical.

Wealth Dust encourages you to live in abundance. Focus your thoughts less on scarcity. In other words, stop thinking about how broke you are, and instead look at how rich your life is. Once you change your way of thinking and sprinkle this dust, you’ll find you’ll worry less about the bills and your credit. (Both of which will be A-Okay.)

How do we use it? Keep some in your work area to inspire money coming in from your toils. Or burn a green candle with the dust sprinkled around to super charge your earning potential or kickstart someone into paying what’s owed. Maybe you’ll be inspired to demand your due and narrow that wage gap.

Abundance, thy name is Wealth Dust. Get yours today!