HWIC (Head Witch in Charge)

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

The art of abundance magic is one of the trickiest to master. It’s not that the spells are particularly difficult, or that the elements needed to elevate your magic are exceptionally rare – it’s that you’re thinking about it all wrong. Want to be a real HWIC? Stop thinking in dollars and cents.

Yep, that’s the trick. The look behind the curtain. The magician’s secret. To make money you need to stop chasing money. It might seem a little bit backwards, but if you take a moment to think about some of the most financially successful people you know, you’ll probably recognize a trend: happiness. The witches out there doing the most with their passions are also stacking the most cash.

We’re not saying that setting financial goals is all bad – everyone wants to live that first class lifestyle – but if you want to make it happen you need to take a look at your priorities. Stop asking the universe to bring in money, and start asking for specific blessings that will enhance your life. Need more clients? Try manifesting the opportunity to work on robust projects that play to your strengths. Want to grow your business? Ask for chances to step out of your comfort zone.

Prosperity isn’t even always focused on your business or career. If you’re killing it in the board room (yas, queen) but still not feeling very fulfilled, you may need to ask for a little abundance in your personal life. Happiness at home can bloom into all-around success. Once you’re able to get your mind in line, you’ll see the cash start to roll in.

Now that you’ve got some perspective, do you want to kick it up a notch and get that money making mojo working even harder? Enter: Abundance Mist. Perfect for a quick pick-me-up before a meeting, when you’re putting together your next big pitch, or as a part of your daily ritual, it’s an enchanting spray that’s been intentionally crafted to help you attract all sorts of abundance.

Money making magic is almost always based on the most ancient symbol of wealth – gold. Citrine is the go-to crystal for abundance, and its golden color is a part of its tried and true success. Incorporating real gold into your ritual is another, way more bougie way to bring home the bacon. Abundance Mist is an opulent concoction of both citrine and 24-karat gold, plus a few magical herbs to inspire real wealth.

Add it to your everyday routine to invite abundance into all aspects of your life, or pair it with a well-rounded abundance ritual when you’ve got something big brewing and you’ll be all but unstoppable. Light a Money Manifestation candle a week in advance and spritz Abundance Mist into the room as you work on the project. For an extra shot of luck, dab a little Abundance Oil onto a crystal and carry it with you.

Spray away, witches, and let the good times roll.

Abundance Mist
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