How to Halloween like a Witch

So You Want to Celebrate Samhain. We Got You.

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

Modern iterations of Halloween are, well, mostly horrible. It’s either mini candy bars and girls dressed as cats, or over-the-top altars and fake rituals that involve some sort of horror movie inspired chants. Barf. If you’re over it, Samhain is for you. It’s an ancient Celtic celebration that marks the end of the harvest season – meaning it lines up with Halloween on the calendar. The ancient rituals of Samhain are varied and vibrant, but they’re all designed to celebrate the cycle of life and death, honor our ancestors, and celebrate a successful harvest.

One of the reasons that we celebrate life, death, and rebirth during Samhain is because as the seasons change, the veil between our plane and the other side grows thinner. We honor those spirits on the other side during this time because their guidance can help to connect us to the earth and inspire our energy. Make it rain, figuratively speaking, for the spirits with a Samhain feast. Gather your coven and serve a meal that’s reminiscent of the end of harvest. Think root vegetables, hearty meat, you get the picture. Connect with your witches, but be sure to take a little time to honor your spirits.

Obviously, your space should get the full Samhain treatment, too. We love a good décor refresh, and this one can seriously up your mojo all month long – an altar update. Back in the day, a Samhain altar would usually look a little Lady Gaga a la American Horror Story: Roanoke. We prefer something with a little more style. Some sleek swaps for your altar start simple. Switch out your altar cloth for something that’s got a little family juju in it – a tablecloth from your grandparents’ house or family tapestry are perfect ways to include your ancestors in your altar. Swap out bones and skulls for silver plated animal skulls if you’re feeling fancy, and swap ashes for Witches Salt.

Are you ready to put on your big witch pants? Customize your altar to help influence your energy for the new season with a manifestation candle. During your daily ritual, thank the spirits for all that they’ve done throughout the year, and ask them to bless you with good vibes to get you through the dark winter that’s coming. We love a Purification Manifestation Candle to encourage a clean slate. Don’t forget that each piece you include on your altar needs to be cleansed, blessed, and set with intention.

The goal of Samhain is to honor the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. We’re all bound by this cycle, and our energy is born from it. Plus, we all love a good party. Elevate your witchy energy with a chic feast (don’t be afraid to break out the goblets), transition your home’s vibe with a fresh altar, or just connect to the earth by acknowledging the spirits. Seriously – ditch the cheesy Halloween decorations and rage into winter like a real witch.