Talk Lemurian (Quartz) To Me

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

It’s time to dig into a crystal that is shrouded in perhaps the deepest of legends and mysticism: Lemurian Quartz. What makes these crystals so special are the many millennia of ancient wisdom encoded in each and every groove etched throughout their shimmering bodies. Lemurian Quartz are said to have been planted for future generations by the people of Lemuria, an ancient land pre-dating Atlantis. So, it’s only appropriate to let the legends of Lemuria guide you through the magic that can be found inside Lemurian Quartz.

Legend tells us that the Lemurian civilization was deeply connected to the universe and had learned how to cultivate and grow a special relationship with the energy of the earth. Working with Lemurian Quartz in daily ritual can harness that ancient and magnetic connection to help ground your own energy and reveal your stone’s unique energetic direction within your subconscious. It’s a piece that is not for the faint of heart, but thanks to its very nature can be utilized by anyone with the desire to connect on an energetic level to the world around them.

Believed to have been a matriarchal society, the energy emanating from Lemurian Quartz is largely feminine. We love a strong queen, but feminine energy is about so much more than empowerment. In practice, it’s known to help increase intuition and strengthen communication with your own inner monologue and with others. It’s also crucial to revealing the energetic knowledge held within Lemurian Quartz. So, where does the key to this mystical engine lie, and how can you get your hands on it?

Spoiler: you already have it.

The secrets written in the lines of legend are activated by touch. That means it’s going to take a little mediation and a lot of work to reveal them within your higher mind. That being said, a focus on your craft and an open heart go a long way in speeding up the process. Adding Lemurian Quartz can be a part of conjuring a more meaningful ritual. Think of it as leveling up your daily meditation session.

When you’re ready to start working with Lemurian Quartz, the only requirements are your own hands and intuition to lead the way. For those of us looking for an extra gold star (they call us Type A witches, but we prefer to call it being driven) utilizing blessed oils to anoint the crystal, including a Purification Candle to clear the space of any leftover funk that might affect your energy, or spritzing a little Intuition Spray are all acceptable add-ons to elevate your experience.

Lemurian Quartz is a crystal that requires arguably the most open-minded approach, but its rewards are well worth the risk in our humble opinion. All of the magic that you need to gain a connection to ancient, quite literally legendary, energy is already inside of you. The only question left to ask is whether or not you’re ready to receive it.

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