Go Smudge Yourself. Literally.

Go Smudge Yourself. Literally.

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

It’s 2019 and everyone smudges…everything. You smudge your house, you smudge your crystals, and if you’re packing Smokeless Smudge you probably even cleanse your office and hotel room (and the entire aisle of the airplane because you don’t have time for negativity at 35,000 feet.) But, my witchy friends, do you smudge yourself?

There’s more to cleansing your own energy than surrounding yourself with protective mojo. Unfortunately, you can’t just slap a self care sticker on getting your nails done - no matter how fierce they are - and call it a day. You’ve got to ground your mental and emotional health in positive energy to invite good vibes into your life. True self care comes down to listening to the cues that your subconscious sends to let you know that you’re taking on too much.

There are a lot of ways to evoke positivity and bid adieu to any shady energy hanging around, but giving yourself a little peace and quiet is a good place to start. Most modern witches don’t have time to ditch society and go on an all-out nature retreat more than once a year, but if you’ve got an hour, we’ve got a solution. You need to get clean, both mentally and physically, with a smudging bath. Think cheesy candlelit bubble bath, but make it magic.

An enchanting combination of sacred Palo Santo, white sage, and Dead Sea salt that’s been bathed in moonlight, the Smudge Bath Potion is here to take your personal smudge to the next level. Toss a handful into the water and set your intention to drive away negativity and invite good vibes in to stay. Recite an incantation (included, of course) and find out why smudging yourself is everything your self care ritual has been missing.

Spend an hour submerged in the heavenly scented potion concentrating on the type of energy that you want to welcome into your life. If you find that you’re having trouble attracting good vibes, it may be that you’re spending too much time dwelling on what went wrong. The universe is all about bestowing gifts upon those who ask, but it’s your job to project what you want. If you project negativity, even unconsciously, you’ll attract it right back.

The benefits to a smudging bath include so much more than just cleansing your energy. Budgeting time to unwind mentally can actually make you more productive, creative, and open to collaboration. Believe me, the DMs, emails, and texts can go unanswered for a while (plus, it’s a total power move to leave needy witches hanging.)

Smudging yourself doesn’t end when the bath drains, though. Make an effort to create and maintain rituals that keep your personal energy in check. Whether that means taking a moment in the morning to connect with the earth or speaking an affirmation out loud, there’s no one-size-fits-all routine. Evoking your magic should always be a deeply personal experience – after all, it’s a part of who you are.