Chaos Crushing Crystals

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

These are wild times we’re living in, witches. While some of us are WFH pros, others have begun screaming into our carefully curated throw pillows daily. Regardless of which stage of the social distancing process you’re currently living in, we all have one thing in common: the chaos outside is starting to find its way into our minds.

For us, pandemic self-care means utilizing the crystals and enchantments that we have at home to calm the chaos – at least until the next Twitter notification pops up. The good vibes party starts with cleansing your stash. You’ve been buzzing with nervous energy for days on end, and your crystals have been drinking it up. Even if you’re not planning on putting together a new ritual to get you through, revitalizing the energy in your space will keep you feeling good…with the added bonus of filling an entire happy-hour-less evening.

Cleansing at home using what you’ve already got is pretty easy. Got running water? You’ve got a fool-proof way to cleanse. Got clean earth in the yard or on the patio? Abracadabra, that’s an option. Got salt & water? You can soak your way to fresh mojo. Cleanse in whatever manner your heart tells you (and definitely choose a method based on the type of crystal you’re cleansing to avoid damage). Give it 24 hours and you’ll be ready to conjure some calming energy.

Here’s our five-crystal potion to quell restless minds and anxiety-battered souls:

Blue Lace Agate is the OG of stress-busting crystals. Its delightfully soothing vibes can help dispel anxiety from your mind. Meditating with a little Blue Lace Agate in the morning is an enchanting way to summon calming vibes all day long.

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of insomnia when time feels as though it has lost its meaning (what day of the week is it again?) and Amethyst is your best friend when you’re ready to break the cycle. Include it in your nightly ritual to help clear your mind for a deeper sleep.

Social distancing can be lonely and, well, if we’re being honest lead you to make some questionable dating app choices. Rose Quartz is the perfect elixir for restless hearts. Hold yours in your palms and raise it to your heart – take a few deep breaths and feel the love pour in.

Black Tourmaline continues to be your spiritual bodyguard – utilize its power by allowing it to absorb negative energy and neutralize it throughout the day. Try to keep it in your pocket or on your WFH station to knock out would-be bad vibes before they can set in.

Turquoise is an ancient tool for personal protection and is traditionally used to help ward off long-term stress. When you find yourself posting quarantine memes on a regular basis, it might be time to break out this bad boy – and maybe take a break from social media. It will help to keep your spirit strong; because we can, and we will, get through this.

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