The Best Crystals To Keep On Your Desk
By: Jessica Ourisman 

Crystals can be selected intentionally for the therapeutic effects they emit, courtesy of the high-frequency energy that emanates from their ultra-efficient molecular structures. While frequently used for emotional healing, chakra balancing, protection, and manifesting, their subtle energies can also be harnessed for career-focused uses in the workplace. "As a healer, I use them in every session," Quantum Sound and Energy Healer Andrea Donnelly tells Sage & Salt. "But even when I worked at a nine-to-five, I used them in my space, along with plants, to bring greater harmony to my own daily experience, as well as the office vibe." 

As Alyse Bacine, breathwork practitioner, spiritual mentor, and CEO of Alyse Breathes tells us, this is because they have a grounding energy, while some can be hand-picked to improve things like focus and staying on task. "They also bring an earthy element to a space and offset the energy from screens and other devices," she adds. Whether you seek protection from EMF's — low-frequency electromagnetic waves that emanate from electronic devices and cause stress to our bodies — or are feeling stressed dealing with your workload, the appropriate crystal can elevate your workspace beginning at the metaphysical level. This is because, from productivity and brainstorming, to manifesting that raise or promotion, initiating the changes that lead to goal acquisition begin at the energetic level. Once you make your crystalline selections, you can keep them on your desk, wear them on your body, or arrange them into an energy-amplifying grid in order to cultivate the right workspace and mindset to suit your professional needs.

Smoky Quartz
Clear Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Meaning


What It Looks Like: Dark Gray, Black

What It Does: This is a gemstone to reach for in order to keep your headspace clear. Our founder notes that it is ideal to "ground and block negative energies, from others and yourself." If you're finding yourself distracted or unable to focus and suspect that the origins are coming from elsewhere — say, a draining co-worker — you might benefit from placing smokey quartz nearby. Lyons adds that it also provides EMF protection.

When to Use It: For Grounding, To Dispel Confusion


Best Crystals for Focus at Work

What It Looks Like: Pale lavender to deep violet

What It Does: "Amethyst is a beautiful stone for focus and clarity," says Mariah K. Lyons, author of Crystal Healing for Women and the founder of ASTARA. "This crystal helps one to maintain a clear vision of their work and decrease mental chatter or distraction to help bring the project to fruition." She adds that it can also be used in meditation or for direction on a project. Kristin Petrovich, author of Elemental Energy and founder of the gemstone-infused skincare line Sjal Skincare, writes that its calming, intuition-enhancing effects are key to good leadership, and are said to help with tension headaches and eye strain.

When to Use It: Feeling Stuck, Distracted, or Unfocused


Pyrite for work

What It Looks Like: Metallic Silver or Gold

What It Does: "Pyrite helps to support mitigation of EMFs as it helps to energetically structure a space," Lyons begins. "The way the mineral grows speaks to the way it is able to create harmony within disharmonious energies, such as increased interference from wifi or chaotic energies." She explains that on your desktop and in the workplace, this can help both with WiFi interference to your aura — as well as from problematic energies stemming from coworkers, family members, etc. "It helps one to stay in their own energy field and helps to increase productivity."

When to Use It: Auric Protection from EMFs and Co-Workers, Productivity


Stones and crystals for focus at work

What It Looks Like: Black, steel-gray (sometimes metallic), to reddish brown

What It Does: "This is a great stone for grounding and rooting. It can help ground the nervous system when anxiety or panic arise, and can also help with the mitigation of EMF's," Lyons explains. Highly-sensitive people are especially prone to subtle-level disruptions that come from EMFs; thus, it is particularly important to keep grounded when working closely — or surrounded by — electronics. It also promotes mind-body balance during times of stress.

When to Use It: Working with Electronics, When Stressed

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal for Focus at work

What It Looks Like: Colorless, sometimes cloudy white

What It Does: "Great for balancing your energy, clear quartz helps to release toxins and relax the nervous system," Bacine explains. "This crystal is great to have during meetings or stressful calls." Clear quartz is also known for amplifying the effects of your other crystals, restoring your energy body to balance and promoting flow. Because it is said to benefit the brain, it can also improve focus, clarity, and the ability to plan.

When to Use It: Balance, Focus, Clarity


What It Looks Like: Yellow-Brown, often with hints of gray-smokiness

Note: When sourcing citrine, make sure it is not heat-treated amethyst, which features small, darker orange clusters and is often sold under the guise of being citrine.

What It Does: Citrine helps to generate abundance and creativity, making it one of the most popular crystals reached for when manifesting. "I like to use citrine for inspiration and motivation," Bacine says. "It helps to give you a burst of energy when needed, especially later in the afternoons." Because of its inspirational quality, Kristin Petrovich, founder of the gemstone-infused skincare line Sjal, recommends placing carnelian and citrine under each foot when writing a big presentation or sales pitch.

When to Use It: Manifesting a Promotion or Raise; For Creativity, Confidence, Inspiration


Crystals to focus at work

What It Looks Like: Light Blue, sheer sometimes cloudy

What It Does: "Aquamarine has a calming energy to it and inspires you to trust your intuition and 'go with your gut' in career and business," Bacine says. The gemstone's energy promotes clear communication and helps resolve communication blocks. Thanks to its cited ability to help resolve altercations, it can also be utilized for building team rapport or resolving disputes. Plus, Donnelly adds, "It helps inspire and spark courage, which is good for everyone looking to expand their voice and be heard [and] an environment of clarity which aids in productivity."

When to Use It: Clear Communication, Teamwork, Public Speaking, Business Intuition


9 Best Crystals To Keep On Your Desk for Productivity, Focus, EMF-Protection, and More

What It Looks Like: Black, Metallic

What It Does: "Shungite is one of the most potent mitigators of EMFs and is excellent to have on one's desk for support around computers and increased wifi," says Lyons. "Shungite is electroconductive and is a wonderful noncrystalline mineraloid for cleansing and purifying."

When to Use It: When Near Electronics


Best Crystals For Productivity

What It Looks Like: Deep Blue (Opaque), White Streaks

What It Does: As Albert Einstein once said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." That's why when you're dealing with writer's block, having trouble focusing, or need to find a creative solution, vibe-elevating kyanite can help you break-through to the third eye's inspired space of solutions. "Kyanite is a powerhouse crystal to break through barriers. It increases clarity, supports direct, clear communication, and elevates one's frequency to be able to 'view' the project or idea from a place of higher insight," Lyons says. "This can help one overcome creative blocks and see from a new perspective. It is a wonderful crystal to place on a desk for clear communication of ideas, especially new and forward-thinking concepts."

When to Use It: Experiencing Writer's Block, Problem Solving, Having Trouble Focusing, or for Clarity

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