5 Things to Know Before Buying Your Next Crystal

Ayla Dehghanpoor

There’s no stronger witch than Mother Earth. She provides for her coven through an exchange of energy, and we harness that energy through crystals. But not every rock pulled out of the ground is magical, and even the most powerful stones can have their mojo disrupted by unethical practices and bad vibes. Have you ever brought home a crystal (or, gasp, ordered online from a vendor with a nonsensical name) that didn’t feel quite right? Well, welcome to the Sage & Salt coven, witches. We’ve got you covered for your next crystal binge.

  1. Ethical practices matter.
    You should always ask about the origin of the stone you’re buying. It comes down to a very simple principle – the start of a journey determines its destination. Crystals are constantly absorbing energy and that includes any unethical mining practices.

  2. You should know who’s touching your stones.
    Any reputable witch will be open about their experience cleansing, charging, and sourcing their crystals. They’re handling the magic that will directly affect your life. You should be able to trust that their energy is clean and pure, and that their products are programmed intentionally.

  3. Buy for the energy you’re trying to attract.
    Always ask about the characteristics of the crystals that you’re buying. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, you may come across a stone that has special properties thanks to a unique charging ritual, inclusions, or interesting origin story.

  4. You should be able to feel the power. If you can, touch each and every crystal you’re considering purchasing before you bring it home. You should be able to feel its power – this can manifest in many ways. You could simply get a sense of calm while holding the stone, or you might even feel a slight buzzing in your palms as you clutch it. If it feels right, bring it home. When ordering online, the witch behind the shop should be willing to discuss a stone’s power and provide charging and cleansing instructions so that you’re able to pinpoint the power before the UPS guy gets those brown shorts of his back on the truck.

  5. The magic should make sense.
    Using common sense is the name of the game. Witches know that magic is rooted in our own intuition and inner power. Crystals, sage, and spells are tools that we use to intensify our magic. That means that there are no guarantees and no quick fixes. Be weary of anyone who promises an overnight success story. You’ve got to help manifest your own blessings.


The common denominator in buying the right crystal for your space is finding the right witch to source it. An understanding and respect for the magic that lies within is key. The witches behind Sage & Salt totally get it, by the way, and picking up a palm stone or crystal point is a great way to feel the power.

Congratulations, you’re now a certified crystal-buying expert. Take that and stick it in your Insta bio. You can shop Sage & Salt's crystal selection here.