LTD X Lizzie Tisch / Sage & Salt Good Vibes Travel Kit

First Class Vibes: Travel in style, even if you’re stuck in coach.

By: Ayla Dehghanpoor

We’ve all got one. Our worst travel nightmare. Boarding group C, overweight bags, the world’s longest security line, and travel gods forbid, no TSA PreCheck. When faced with all of the makings of an in-flight horror show, how’s a witch supposed to keep the bad vibes at bay? Your resident good witch has come in clutch yet again with everything you need to keep you sane, from boarding to the hotel. In the LTD by Lizzie Tisch x Sage & Salt Good Vibes Travel Kit, each magical object is charged and ready to take your mojo on the go to the next level.

Easing travel anxiety is as easy as one, two, three. Follow along and feel the good vibes start to roll in. Before you even order that Uber, start by resetting your energy with a quick meditation sesh. When you’re on the go, you’re constantly surrounded by noise. Energy from a million different people buzzes in the air, and there always seems to be that one self-important suit who insists on flipping off airplane mode and yelling at his assistant at 110 decibels before the wheels even touch down. Bringing a little calm and quiet into your life is the best defense against the big mouthed and bad vibes alike.

Step two: pack the essentials, and use them. At this point, we all know how magical a good smudging can be. Smokeless Smudge is the way to go when you’re on the road or in the air, and our favorite pro tip is to use it anytime you enter a new space: even before that leftover negative energy can affect you. There’s no bad time or place – the plane, the hotel suite, the conference room. All’s fair in love and war. Take it a step further and fend off feisty spirits and nighttime unease by sprinkling some Witches Salt in a cup and placing it under your bed. The black salt absorbs negative energy and neutralizes it like…well…magic.

Crafty witches know to never leave home without some pretty protection. Enter: your new three best friends. Selenite, Quartz, and Black Tourmaline. Throw these babies in your bag and bask in their energetic glow. The Selenite will keep you calm when your flight is delayed, yet again, while the Quartz keeps your eye on the prize. The real star in the trio is the Black Tourmaline, your go-to crystal for protection and grounding.

If you’re feeling extra (and in this coven, extra is anything but a bad word), you can ward off jealous witches with our favorite ancient amulet, the evil eye. Paired with a bit of red string, your aura’s never been stronger. Last, but most certainly not least, never leave home without a mantra. Anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed, the turbulence gets a little too intense, or you just can’t stomach another glass of bad plane wine, recite your mantra and take a deep breath. Adventure awaits.

This collaboration is available for purchase exclusively at LTD X Lizzie Tisch. Kindly email RSVP@LTDXLIZZIETISCH.COM

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