Hexing 101: The Right Way to Get Rid of a Pest

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. Uh oh! Seems like a witch is brewing up something potent. Let us guess: You want to cast something to really show your ex or mother-in-law what it means to cross you?

Slow down there, Witchy. Hexes are not to be flung around willy-nilly. We get it, you think about it. (Who doesn’t?) You even want to make it happen. But this is a serious can of worms we’re opening, and so before we proceed, let’s chat.

Ask yourself, is this what I need to do? Not want, but need, on an energetic level. So let’s put that voodoo doll down and hash this out. Hexing isn’t something you do without careful consideration. Can you live with whatever negative outcome occurs? Is that something you really want manifested? We highly recommend you sit down and do some major meditation on this, pull cards, or go see a trusted reader/psychic prior to any spell-casting shenanigans. Is the person you’re upset with worth the energy to make a hex happen? Perhaps a different kind of spell would suffice, one that helps you move on?

….No? Ok, just making sure. If you’re dead set on a hex, let’s do this.

The best combo for hexing is a crystal-clear vision of what the outcome should be paired with pure, unbridled, steaming-hot emotion. This energy and manifestation are the driving-force behind a hex. Work yourself up, really soak in the aggravated situation and how it makes you feel, and then begin to dream up a fair, balanced and realistic outcome. That’s right, fair, balanced, and realistic. You’ve got to solely think of the target and don’t let your brain wander too far down the rabbit hole.

For beginner witches, we recommend our Witches Salt. As white reflects energy, black absorbs and removes. No fancy, rhythmic incantations needed. You simply need to grip some of the Witches Salt, think about or speak the desired outcome aloud and by doing so, imprint the salt— kind of like assigning its job.

Now comes the more difficult part. You need to get the salt to your subject. Time to get clever, witches. A sprinkle across your foe’s front door? Maybe you’ll mail them a nice orchid with it in the planter? If you’re looking for an extra boost to your spell, work with our Witch Slap Candle (Seen in Glamour Magazine, made with the same intent at the Witches Salt. Just remember there’s no set guide to this, so you may need to repeat the process.

When you’ve finished your bidding and you’re feeling confident that you’ve done all that you can do, it’s vital that you remove the negativity that you might have generated from conjuring up all of those emotions. Our Smokeless Smudge will do the trick. After you’ve literally cleaned house energetically, release those feelings you had, don’t let the hate eat you up.

And then, the final step, move on.