Goal Getter! Meet Our New Abundance Oil

Hello, Universe? We’re ready for our close-up.

If it feels like the heavens aren’t quite paying attention to you, it’s time to call them directly. No more slinking around their mentions. Slide into those DMs and make the Universe notice you. How? So glad you asked: presenting our new Abundance Oil.

This decadent and ultra rich concoction is made in small batches and in very limited amounts. But honey, this is big magic. Just a drop or two can help push your dreams and wants into reality. Think of this as King Midas in a bottle—and the gold flakes will help you with your golden touch.

We’re not just talking about cold money cash. We mean inviting all things in your life—love, passion, ambition, creativity—to come to you in droves. Looking for a new job, or better investments, or to finally start that book you’ve wanted to write? Add a dab to a candle, charm, business card, or vision board and make magic happen. Are you pining away from unrequited love like some doomed Bronte heroine? (We get it, the gothic thing works for us, too.) But it’s time to make the love flow—with, yep, Abundance.

Why sit back and watch everyone else march into fabulousness when you can have your own red carpet—with requisite chic wardrobe? Just a small droplet of this luxurious oil will have all eyes on you. Infused with Abundance-minded herbs, and intentions set on ambition, our oil will help make you the new It Witch in town. Besides, that whole shrinking violet thing was so 2017.

Get yours today before the gold rush ends.

(While we can’t recommend you use this on your skin, the product is all natural, made with Almond Oil, Essential Oils, and Intention-setting Herbs.)