What is Smudging?

At some point, undoubtedly, you’ve heard the term ‘smudging’ or smelled that familiar scent of burning sage, but what actually is smudging? The practice of smudging derives from a 2,000 year old Indigenous American ritual of burning dried plants to remove negativity from one’s self or space. The theory is that the smoke/spray carries away the anger, illness or whatever energetic funk is bothering you.

There’s so many benefits to smudging and keeping yourself and space energetically in check. Besides ridding a space of lingering toxic spirits and energetic-ooze, there’s no better way to make a new home feel like yours than using your Smokeless Smudge. Having a difficult time centering yourself pre-yoga or meditation? Make sure you surroundings are cleaned up first.

So how can this ancient rite be used in a modern format for everyday life? Let’s discuss the basics, when are the ideal times to smudge yourself or space:

  • When you’ve moved into a new house.
  • When you’ve been around illness, death, arguments or any negative environments.
  • Before meditation, yoga or in the act of making a space sacred.
  • After your evil mother-in-law or any other house guest leaves.
  • When you’re just feeling heavy, rundown or energetically funky.

In addition to all of the above times to smudge, we’re all about clearing out hotel rooms, office spaces and even cabs. You never know when you’ll standoff with negative vibes. So you’re ready to clear out negativity, but unable to light up a sage stick in the office? May we introduce our Smokeless Smudge, a powerful blend of sage and other magical herbs/plants that clears out negativity without setting off the smoke alarms. For more information or to purchase Sage & Salt's Smokeless Smudge, click here or visit below.

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