Ashley Longshore <3's Sage & Salt

We worship Ashley Longshore, the New Orleans-based artist and decadent-goddess of our social media wet dreams. So when she posted on her Instagram that she's a fan of Sage & Salt we nearly died. HUGE thank you to Ashley Longshore-- we are not worthy!

Image via Ashley Longshore.Image via Ashley Longshore.

Image via Ashley Longshore.

Oh HELL YES!!! Who doesnt need a lil extra magic and positivity in their life...This is my good friends company @sagesalt !!! I spray the sage spray everyday around my easel before I paint!!! And around the front door of my gallery and my armpits and pussy...all the important places.....His products are beautiful and I keep them by my bed and on my altar in my studio..... go follow him and tell him I sent you and order some MAGIC for yourself!!! Thank me later...I love you! #ashleylongshore #fuckyeah #popart
— Ashley Longshore